Welcome to my site. This site will go into a what if scenario of if I had a windfall of $10,000. This is not a lot of money, but it could improve the quality of my life if I should win it. This site will be small, but again – $10,000 is not a lot to most people.

This site will go under a couple of assumptions. First, it will assume that there will be no income taxes applied to this money. There is no point in saying here is $10,000 if you have to account 25% for taxes. Next, it will assume that it does not negatively impact my benefits. $10,000 is about 1 year of my income, and it will take about that long to get my benefits back.

I would get a few things. The first will be an Apple AirPods Pro Max which is an over the ear headphones. While pricey, I would assume with Apple, you will get what you pay for. These headphones will be used when I don’t want to use my earphones which I am currently stuck with using exclusively right now. Next, I will want an iPhone 12 Pro Max (512GB). This will replace my current iPhone with one that I wanted all along, but didn’t have the funds for. The next thing I will want will be an iPod touch (256GB) which will replace my aging one with a modern model that will meet my needs. The old one will go into my bedroom and function as a music player for the bedroom. The next item will be a MacBook Pro 13″ with the M1 chip. This will replace my faulty MacBook Air with something that will hopefully work better. When the Air can be repaired, then it will go to someone that I feel will benefit from a PC. Last, I will replace my current NAS with one that will handle all of my storage and backup solutions. All of this together will cost $10,205 which will mean I will need to pull $205 out of my pocket to acquire everything. 

If you should have any questions, feel free to ask me. You can write to me at frank@pilone.name or visiting my Contact Directory.